HCG Drops

Oral drops are getting prevalent in different corners of the world as it has helped obese people in reducing extra pounds from the body. There are various forms of HCG diet but people are opting for HCG diet drops other than injections, pellets and sprays. HCG diet drops contain several ingredients such as b12 vitamin, cell salts and HCG hormone which targets abnormal fat accumulated in different body parts and burn them quickly thereby reducing extra weight from the body. HCG sublingual drops are safe and easy to use as it is completely painless and easy to administer under the tongue. HCG diet recipes play a vital role in maintaining 500 calorie diet during the maintenance phase.

Does HCG Diet Really Worth The Hype?

  • There are three major phases of HCG diet plan which are loading phase, maintenance phase and stabilization phase. Loading phase is the first and one of the most important periods of the diet plan. It lasts for first two days and dieter needs to take high calorie diet during the loading phase in order to combat with low calorie diet during the next two phases of HCG diet plan.
  • Maintenance phase is the second phase of the HCG diet plan. It is one of the most important phases of the diet period. User needs to maintain low calorie diet during this phase along with right HCG dosage which can be 10-15 drops thrice a day or 6-10 drops six times a day. One needs to drink more water and add fiber to the diet during the HCG diet period. Cheating is not allowed during the HCG diet as all your efforts will go in vain. Dieter need to follow Simeons protocol strictly in order to get effective results during the diet period.  This phase lasts for minimum 21 days but dieter can stretch it maximum 40 days if he or she wants to lose more weight.
  • The third and final phase is stabilization phase in which there is no need to take HCG drops. It is a transition phase in which dieter can take normal diet with moderate calorie restriction. During this phase, dieters need to completely avoid starch and sugar rich food. This HCG phase lasts for minimum of 21 days and maximum of 40 days.

User can buy HCG drops online as well as over the counter such as medical stores, HCG clinics and supermarket. HCG diet is also getting prominent in Canada these days as people are looking for natural weight loss therapy which do not have any side effects. There are various fake companies who are selling weight loss drops in the bottle with the fake HCG labels on the bottle.  It contains nothing other than water and other harmful ingredients which gives adverse on the liver and other organs of the body. HCG Canada is getting prominent as the biggest wholesaler and distributor in all the major corners of the country. People have achieved remarkable results using this HCG drops as they have achieved their goal weight within the stipulated time period.